Resolutions (2)

It is January first, and I am feeling unmotivated. I want to set some goals for the year and work on the things that need fixing—to write more, to clean and organize, to focus on health and fitness, and to find ways to give back.

But today, I am unmotivated.

I want to write a blog post every day, though based on my past performance, I might focus on writing one post per week. This drop in expectation is not because I am unmotivated, but because I am a single parent to three children, and like many single parents, I maintain two jobs to cover expenses. And well… priorities.

I may be unmotivated, but today, I am realistic.

This is the year that I will sort through my clutter, clean, and purge. I realized at the end of this past year that if I tackle one small area per day/week/whatever, I will get through the trouble spots (eventually) and deactivate the clutter magnets in my house. At the rate of one small area per day (or week), my house will not be clean and clutter-free as quickly I might like. But little by little, the house will become uncluttered. My hope is that by January 1, 2017, I can blog about my success and how amazing it is to live in a house with a manageable amount of stuff. In the meantime, I can blog about the fun (okay, interesting…) stuff I uncover while de-cluttering!

Being realistic means that I will acknowledge my limitations.

Then there is the “taking care of me” resolution. I have two health goals for the immediate future. The most important is to sleep/rest more. Five hours of sleep a night is tough on a healthy body, but such limited sleep on a not-so-healthy body makes it nearly impossible to maintain normalcy. My second goal is to get back to regular exercise—walking regularly will be a step in the right direction. And baby steps are better than no steps. There are a lot of years between me and my most fit self, and I don’t expect to regain that level of fitness in the foreseeable future. But I do know that taking better care of me will allow me to take care of others. And that is important.

Which leads me to my final resolution…

… to actively look for and act on opportunities to give back. It’s not always easy to see beyond the chaos that follows me like a cloud and obscures my view of my surroundings. Paying attention to the people and opportunities around me will keep me grounded and present and will foster a greater sense of community connection.

These changes, I think they are doable. They are memorable—meaning I won’t forget them halfway through the month of January—because they are important. Of course, I set goals knowing they could always be derailed by more pressing issues.

What are your goals for the New Year?


2 thoughts on “Resolutions (2)

  1. I too am a resolution girl…. Sometimes they stick sometimes they don’t but I always give it my best effort. Here are two books that might be inspirational for you as you tackle your new goals.

    The Gnome Project – Jessica Pei-meininghaus. It’s about adopting a creative daily practice, sticking to goals and as a busy mom and blogger she’s self depricating, funny and relatable.

    The life changing magic of tidying up / Marie Kondo. Her book is about a technique of decluttering that calls out the way all of us declutter – one little area at a time – and claims it doesn’t get lasting results. I’m reading it now and I can’t say whether it works but I have the same resolution and I don’t want to be cleaning the same spot 6 months from now.
    Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks, Michelle, for the great book ideas! I will take a look at those. “Tidying up” all at once is a great idea. However, I would have to take a week off from work and hire someone to keep me motivated, and that’s not in the cards for me. Hopefully, I can tidy up a bit at a time and make it stick! 😉


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