2023_BlogPrompt #7 – Coming Home

Today, day 7, is my reflection on week 1. Truly, it’s been a long time since I have written regularly. Sometimes, reconnecting with an activity feels like coming home. That’s the way I felt this week. I felt a bit lighter—like an ongoing conflict was being resolved. I felt more like myself, which brought a deep contentment. What does coming home feel like to you? How might you recapture that feeling? If you choose to take up the challenge, please add a pingback to this prompt.

Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash 

I have written and posted every day this past week, which is unusual for me, and I can honestly say, it feels like coming home. My ideas have been flowing and staying around a bit to play and tease my attention. Instead of stuffing them back into my head, I have opened my heart, my mind, my creativity and captured them, worked with them. Even the day I was “stuck,” I played with other words until I found one that took off, and I chased it through the winter evening.

Writing and blogging again feels like coming home. It feels like walking into a warm house on a cold day and running into the embrace of someone I’ve known all my life but haven’t seen in months. Or years. And then we sit down with a hot cup of coffee or tea or cocoa and dive into conversation right where we left off so long ago. We talk about life, about triumphs, about struggles, and as we talk, the years melt away. It’s as if I never left and we have been talking to each other every day. Like this. Face to face. Over coffee.

As I started to sit and ponder and write and post, the ideas began to come back, one by one. It was like the months since my last post evaporated and here I am, writing again, generating ideas again, connecting with my Muse again.

So for now at least, I will fuel my writing with the feelings of home, of the familiar. I will sit at the kitchen table drinking hot coffee and conversing with the words on the page. I will munch on ideas like they are delicious homemade cookies. I will shine a light on my journal as I write. And I will bask in the warmth I’ve found in reconnecting with this part of me—a part I thought might just be lost.

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