2023_BlogPrompt #2 – Letting go

Today’s prompt is Letting go. Use this phrase as the subject or simply as words within your post. We can’t walk into a new year with new goals if we are holding on to old habits or patterns that have been holding us back. Is there something—a ritual, a memory, an item, a person—that you have been holding on to? Would it do you good to let it go? What are you letting go of today, or what will you continue to carry with you? If you choose to take up the challenge, please link to your blog in the comments and provide a pingback to this prompt.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash 

This year, I’m letting go of the things that hold me back. To start with, the things I own (material possessions) have multiplied in my life over the past many years as I have focused on raising my children. The things I have acquired fill my home in a way that no longer suits me. How much of this “stuff” is truly important? How much brings me joy? What do I really need? I have begun the process of donating, giving away, and otherwise letting go of all of the things that clutter up my home with no purpose. It is, in fact, a process, one that I have decided to approach as if I am moving out and would have to pack up and lug all this stuff with me. That way, if I actually do move, packing will be.

This year, I am letting go of as much negative energy as possible, which is a challenge with the negativity that infuses our society. But I am determined. Whether it’s ideas, attitudes, or people in my life, I am letting negativity go. It will roll off me as if I have a negative-proof coating. The fact is, life is short, and I’d rather focus on the good, on the positive, on the areas where I can make a difference.

Most importantly, I am letting go of others’ expectations. Society has this way of imposing on us what we should be. Should be according to whom?? According to celebrity reality show involving people who have never actually navigated what most of us consider reality? No thank you. Many days, my own expectations are hard enough to reach. This year, my expectations will be enough.

By letting go of the negative, I will make 2023 a most salubrious year!

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