2023_BlogPrompt #1 – Intention

Today’s prompt is Intention. Use this word as the subject or simply as a word within your post. What is your intention for today? For the new year? For this moment? Do you have a plan? Are you intentional? Or do you prefer spontaneity? If you choose to take up the challenge, please link to your blog in the comments and provide a pingback to this prompt.

I have been missing in action from my blog for a while now. It seems a combination of life and outside forces—particularly the pervasive negative attitude that is prevalent in society these days—has left me adrift as I try to stay afloat and a step ahead of the negative forces.

But I have done much soul-searching over the past few months—both through writing and through quiet moments of reflection, and I am slowly emerging (I hope) from this slump. I have realized that writing is important for me for several reasons. First, writing allows me to connect with my inner thinking and figure out life and where I am going.

Second, writing allows me to be creative in ways that real life often thwarts. I can express myself in full color without constantly checking for tone and intent. Writing is a garden where seeds are planted, and flowers bloom, and the sun shines warm and bright.

And third, writing is life for me. We all have that one thing that we truly believe we almost could not live without, that makes life just a bit easier. More bearable. We have all found a way to cope with what life throws our way. Writing is that force for me. If something comes up that threatens to tear me down, I write. If the utterly fantastic comes my way, I write. If I’m having trouble gathering myself together, I write.

Have I dealt with all that has held me back over the past year or two? Probably not. But regular writing will help with that, I should hope. And so, I step cautiously back into the blogging world with the intention of being a more regular presence around here, come what may. I will expand my presence to include a blog prompt to (hopefully) spark the creativity of others who have run up against the same writing block brick wall that I have come up against.


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