(Not so) Random Ads

So… I’m on Facebook today, and a random ad for Home Depot pops up. Well, I’m not really going to say it was “random” because I was on the Home Depot website earlier today looking for a new umbrella for my deck. The wind apparently took mine the other day when I wasn’t home. [This time, I think I’ll get a base and some clamps….]

But this pop-up ad was a bit surprising. It was for a “Life Pod Shelter,” purportedly for protection from tornadoes. The one for which I had an ad was a “14-Person Underground Storm Shelter,” for the bargain price of $7865. A similar storm shelter that will hold four people is only $3809.

Now here’s the thing. I live in New England, which is not known tornado country, though tornadoes have been known to strike upon occasion and under the right circumstances (perhaps that’s what happened to my umbrella…). I have not been searching for any kind of storm shelter, fallout shelter, or even a garden shed. In fact, I live in a townhouse, so I couldn’t bury one in my backyard if I wanted to (which I don’t). So I’m wondering if anyone else has similar ads popping up on their social media sites. Since the political climate is glaringly volatile right now, perhaps Home Depot thought they would be proactive in promoting this product.

Not surprisingly, this product “isn’t currently sold in stores.” I imagine storing these pods in your average big box store could be quite a challenge. However, you can order one with standard shipping (curbside delivery at the bargain rate of $55…) and it will arrive at your house between September 5 and 11. I’m afraid that might be too late. It seems the danger may be more imminent than that, but if you start excavating your yard before it arrives….

If you are curious and want to check it out, go to Home Depot. It’s listed under “Storage & Organization.” No kidding.

{Image credit: FreeImages.com / Michael Kaufmann}


4 thoughts on “(Not so) Random Ads

  1. As a denizen of Oklahoma, we have thousands of ads for storm shelters pop up constantly on our social media feeds…today I saw the “fallout shelter’ for the first time. Creeped me out!

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  2. Wow – I hadn’t even thought of the marketing side of this whole mess. (I generally don’t see ads as I use a plugin to block them).

    Hopefully the “need” for those ads goes away soon. I’m not a fan of all of the movie remakes from my teenage years but I’m definitely not fond of reliving *this* part of my youth.

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    1. The marketing aspect probably wouldn’t have dawned on me if I hadn’t seen that ad. I just can’t believe it’s “coincidence” that such a thing would appear all of a sudden in an area of the country where there really is little need–and too much granite in the ground to bury such a shelter without major excavation. Here’s to hoping for the “need” to go away.


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