Snacks (2)

It is a rare occasion when I arrive home from work and have both the time and the motivation to make a real meal for dinner. I am good at whipping up something quick—spaghetti, chicken parmesan, tacos, etc. But making a full, more complicated dinner takes time and energy that I don’t usually have when I get home from work.

So last week, I planned ahead. I made pasta salad on Sunday for a potluck, and I doubled the recipe so we could have it for dinner on Monday, the most hectic day of our week. Pasta salad, ham, and broccoli—a simple, quick dinner.

As we sat down to eat, C looked at the food. “This is what I had for lunch.”

“This is what I had for a snack,” J piped up.

“You had this for a snack?” I asked. Then I looked at C. “I packed you a sandwich for lunch,” I responded. “You didn’t have pasta salad.”

“Yes I did,” he retorted. “You packed me a snack. I eat lunch when I get home from school.”

“What?” I studied his face. He was serious. “Wait… you eat a full meal when you get home from school?”

“Yeah, Mom. We eat so early at school, that’s just my snack. I eat lunch when I get home.”

“Every day?” I asked him.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Well, that might explain where all the food has been disappearing to….


3 thoughts on “Snacks (2)

  1. That’s my son – he eats the equivalent of 2 dinners every day. I make him lunch, which he eats around noon. He gets home from school at 3 pm and usually eats leftovers – unless I promise dinner at 4:30, then it’s just a snack. Around 8 pm he will eat whatever my daughter and I ate for dinner 2 hours earlier. I know where my food goes and he’s stick thin.

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    1. I was joking with the cashier at the supermarket today about pitching a tent in the parking lot to be closer to the food source…. 😀


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